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A deeply hydrating, un-tinted self-tan lotion, combining specialist tanning peptide and nourishing actives, to reveal a gradual and believable bronzed lustre


  • Tan Radiance
  • Ultra Hydrating
  • Softening
  • Non-Greasy
  • Pleasant Aroma

 Skin Suitability

  • All Skin Types

An ultra-hydrating lotion that bestows natural, sun-kissed colour and top-to-toe radiance. Tan-inducing peptide and organic DHA work with the skin’s melanin and protein cells to promote a beautifully even glow, while replenishing rain forest cocoa and vitamin-rich actives impart incredible moisture, for ultimate skin softness. Tan starts to develop within 2/3 hours, progressively deepening over 24 hours. Top up or intensify to achieve desired result

 Main Actives

  • Tanning Peptide
  • Organic DHA
  • Rain Forest Cocoa
  • Passion Flower
  • Sea Fennel
  • Citrus Fruit

How to Apply

For flawless coverage, apply generously over clean, dry skin. Use firm circular movements and blend as you go. Wipe elbows, knees and ankles immediately and allow 3/4 minutes to dry. For optimum results, prep the skin with BEAUTYLAB® Pre-Tan Skin Polish before applying the lotion. Do not moisturise prior to application and avoid using on broken skin.


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