Youth elixir®

Created to capture a more youthful appearance and bring back firmness, thickness and smoothness to the skin’s architecture, this deeply renewing and rejuvenating collection focuses on the latest advances in stem cell science.

Helping older skin to behave and look like younger skin, the cutting-edge formulations work hard to
re-activate skin stem cells, while repairing, improving and protecting cells’ functions through smart technology.

Supercharged with age-defying plant stem cells, peptides, minerals and botanical actives, the range intensely hydrates and nourishes the skin, while reducing deep lines and wrinkles - to unveil a more resilient, supple and toned complexion.

Designed for skin that is aged, thinning, lacking firmness, hyperpigmented, with deep lines and wrinkles.

Some star ingredients...

A powerfully antioxidant plant stem cell ingredient that contains highly active lycopene,
carotenoids and polyphenol. It targets skin cell growth and health. Also helps to inhibit tyrosinase (a key enzyme involved in melanin production), to lighten uneven pigmentation. It activates a moisturising effect that is excellent for skin rejuvenation.

Derived from fermented botanical extracts of green tea, sweet marjoram, sea buckthorn and gooseberry. It works to stimulate adult stem cells, increase longevity and improve cell proliferation.

An antioxidant that supports skin health by recycling aged cells and supporting new cell growth. Helps to reduce UV-induced wrinkle formation. Improves skin cells’ ability to remove the excess of free radicals that attack collagen (the skin’s structural protein) and decreases the activity of the enzyme that breaks down collagen, to help keep skin firm and healthy.

Contains five essential minerals - zinc, copper, magnesium, iron and silicon. It works to improve skin density, enhance barrier function, increase cellular energy production, provide an anti-inflammatory effect and deliver potent antioxidant benefits.

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