This intelligent collection of tanning products delivers a natural, even looking, sun-kissed radiance to enrich the skin’s appearance all year round.

Featuring a unique tanning peptide, organic DHA* and natural actives, the range is specifically designed to provide a flawless, streak-free colour without the ‘chemical odours’ often associated with self-tanning products.

Infused with natural actives such as rainforest cocoa, carrot and passion flower, the products deeply hydrate and nourish the skin - leaving it replenished, firmer and more youthful looking.

*For those sensitive to DHA, the collection also includes a DHA-free option.

Designed for all skin types.

Some star ingredients...

Extracted from lactobacillus through fermentation, this derma peptide has shown to be capable of stimulating higher concentrations of visible melanin, inducing a deep, dark and even tan.

A beta-hydroxy acid (BHA). It works to remove dirt and bacteria on the skin’s surface. Its exfoliating action clears, smooths and softens the skin, while stimulating healthy cell growth. Due to its molecule size, it’s able to penetrate into the pores to remove excess oil and keep congestion at bay.
Powerfully anti-inflammatory.

A carbohydrate that reacts with the amino acids of keratin in the epidermis of the skin and provides a natural and uniform glowing colour. It helps to prolong the colour and prevents the skin from drying out. Although usually used in conjunction with DHA, it works well on its own for those who are sensitive to DHA.

Rendered from the cocoa bean, the butter is rich in essential fatty acids that help to hydrate, nourish, firm and tighten the skin. An anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it helps to protect the skin from environmental stressors that can cause the signs of ageing.

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