Even if many of us have stopped going ‘full face’ during social distancing, we still want our skin to be the best it can be – not just so that we feel good now, but so that we can step out with confidence once the rules relax.

Here, our team shares the BEAUTYLAB® heroes that are seeing them through this very different and sometimes surreal period:

Michelle – Head of Social, International

As a mother, safety comes first, so the new Hand Gel is my product of the moment. It has a high level of sanitising alcohol (70%), kills harmful germs and stops the spread of bacteria. That’s very reassuring to me. Plus, it doesn’t strip the skin, which is a huge bonus. It’s a feel-good thing too… the brand is sending supplies of the product to the Trussell Trust volunteers, to safeguard them while they help people who are unable to afford food. We’re truly are all in this together.

While I protect my hands during the day, I’m currently also giving them an extra treat at night with the super-softening Tripeptide Collagen Hand Mask. It’s brilliant for pigmentation and leaves my skin looking brighter and fresher, plus feeling incredibly soft.

Francesca – Sales & Marketing, UK

I’ve always gone to the gym straight from the office. Exercise is really important to me and I need to do it daily to keep up my physical strength, not to mention saving my sanity! When I can, I’ll do an hour’s workout in the garden or I’ll go for a run. My ‘outdoor must-have’ is the Ultra Defence Hydrator SPF50 because it gives me both UVA and UVB protection. I also tend to prefer lighter moisturisers, so this little gem is perfect for my skin. I pair the hydrator with the Vitamin C Serum Concentrate because it’s highly antioxidant and shields my skin from environmental ‘nasties’ that contribute to skin-ageing. I’m also really loving the Micropolish Dermabrasion right now. It buffs away dead cells, improves my pores and leaves skin my super-fresh and oh-so-soft.

Jamie – Head of Web

I love being able to spend more time with my son; staying home with him is great! However, having to retreat inside for long periods started to affect my skin, particularly as I’m prone to the odd breakout. So, my current SOS is the GlycoWash 5% with glycolic acid. It stops build-up of excess oils and unclogs the pores. My skin loves it. It’s looking a lot clearer and more healthy these days.

Christine – Marketing, US

Being able to deeply relax and let go of stress, negative emotions or lower vibrations is crucial for me, particularly in these moments of “unknown”, when it takes a little more strength to conquer challenges. I firmly believe that how you feel inside correlates with your outer glow, so I take 5-10 minutes to meditate and relax while applying my favourites from the Anti-Ageing range – making sure I really savour the moment. My go-to products are the Relax Neuropeptide Serum and Tripeptide Collagen Lip Plump. The serum instantly improves the skin’s appearance by relaxing facial expressions and the lip plumper works quickly to volumise the lips. I’m doing lots of Zoom business calls at the moment, so I know I’m looking my best for the ‘outside world’.

Tonya – Brand Development, International

While I’m working from home during the lockdown, I’m taking a bit more time to focus on my skincare regime. As I can’t get to the salon while this is all happening, I’ve created my own ‘home spa’ and I’m re-discovering products that I’m falling in love with all over again. My favourite collection right now is the Black Diamond range, particularly the Black Diamond Energizing Serum. Even when I’m not wearing makeup (which is most of the time these days!), my complexion still looks illuminated. It feels gorgeously smooth and plump too. Even if nobody can see my ‘new and improved’ complexion, it gives me a lovely uplifting boost.


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