Along with all the lovely benefits of the winter season (think roaring log fires, favourite cosy jumpers and walks in the crisp air), comes the need for ultra-moisturising skin protection. Exposure to cold, frigid weather, combined with low humidity and a lack of Vitamin D outside, plus dry, overheated temperatures inside, means that the skin is zapped of moisture – leading to dryness, dullness, flakiness or tightness. On top of that, as the skin’s barrier is weakened by loss of hydration, it can be left vulnerable to redness, irritation, itchiness or sensitivity.

Just as you layer up your clothes in the cold season, apply the same thinking to your skincare. Now’s the time to ramp up your regime and cocoon the skin in deep-down, ultra-hydrating goodness. Here are our winter picks to help you sail through the chilliest of weather:

Cleanser: Choose your cleanser carefully in the winter months and avoid harsh or soap-based products that can compromise the skin’s barrier and exacerbate dryness. The key is to keep skin healthy and hydrated, so that it’s more than able to cope with the elements.

Give your skin some extra love when the frost bites and look for a creamy product that can help retain vital moisture such as BEAUTYLAB’s exceptionally hydrating daily Silk Cleanser. With nourishing silk and jojoba, combined with vitamin-rich papaya and orange, it:

  • Lifts debris and pollutants and gently dissolves dulling dead cells to refine and brighten the skin
  • Soothes irritations by neutralising cell-damaging free radicals
  • Leaves the complexion feeling incredibly soft, fresh and clean, and imbued with a healthy, radiant glow

Tip: As hot water can dry the skin, be sure to use tepid water to rinse.

Toner: Think of toners as supplying an extra layer of hydrating protection. Working to remove any residue left behind by cleansing, reduce pores and maintain the skin’s pH balance, a good multi-tasking toner will amplify the benefits of the serum or moisturiser applied afterwards.

To offer some respite when the temperature settles at zero, seek out a product that offers extra softening benefits such as BEAUTYLAB’s gentle and nourishing, alcohol-free Hydrating Toner. Combining aloe, chamomile and rose, it:

  • adds precious, deep moisture and locks it in
  • refreshes, refines and smooths the complexion
  • leaves the skin dewy, smooth and glowing, and delivers soothing comfort to dry or sensitive skin

Exfoliator: When the skin is dry, its cells dehydrate and die more quickly. This is when you need to get buffing, to sweep away complexion-dulling dead cells and encourage fresh, new and healthy ones that restore the skin’s radiance. Plus, as exfoliated skin allows for better absorption and performance of serums and moisturisers, this twice weekly glow-giving treatment is an essential part of the winter regime.

During the frosty mayhem, opt for a product that’s light yet wholly effective, such as BEAUTYLAB’s mild and creamy, fatty acid-rich Micropolish Face Rejuvenator with blackcurrant, neroli and crushed walnut. It:

  • smooths, polishes, refines and brightens the skin
  • is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to deliver soothing protection from free radicals
  • leaves the complexion gorgeously hydrated, smooth, soft and toned

Tip: Be careful not to scrub too enthusiastically as it can leave dry skin feeling even drier.

Serum: Applied before a moisturiser, serums are typically lighter, which makes them perfect for layering up. Packing a punch with a high concentration of potent active ingredients, they help the skin to thoroughly absorb the ingredients – thus amplifying the moisture delivered and optimising the overall results.

Although a good serum is a year-round skincare must-have, we suggest a winter version that’s boosted with hyaluronic acid, so that the skin is more fully protected from the cold weather onslaught. BEAUTYLAB’s intensely moisturising, youth-boosting Relax Neuropeptide Serum hits the spot with its infusion of peptides, plant collagen, hyaluron and vitamins A & C. It:

  • improves the skin’s ability to draw in water and lock it down for deep, long-lasting hydration
  • helps to relax facial expressions and visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • leaves the complexion lusciously plump, smooth and firm, and bestowed with a radiant lustre

Tip: When using a serum following cleansing or toning, apply it to skin that’s still damp.

Moisturiser: The cornerstone of the daily regime. In winter, the skin slows down its production of skin-strengthening lipids and moisture is lost through its cracks. Before your complexion hits weather-induced crisis point, slather on a richer, creamier product with water-attracting humectants, to retain moisture in the skin and strengthen its barrier.

For daytime, BEAUTYLAB’s award-winning, ultra-hydrating Skin Perfecting Moisture Cream works wonders for delivering deeply penetrating protection. Combining collagen tripeptide, white diamond, ruby, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin A, it:

  • stimulates collagen synthesis and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • plumps, firms and improves the skin’s tone
  • leaves the complexion revitalised, soft and bright, and rewarded with a youthful glow

For night-time, BEAUTYLAB’s replenishing and nutrient-rich Overnight Repair Beauty Cream restores depleted moisture levels overnight while the skin’s regenerative potential is at its peak. Enriched with peptides, amino acids, minerals and vitamins, it

  • targets skin cell renewal through the regeneration of collagen
  • improves elasticity, brightness and tone
  • leaves the morning complexion feeling plump, firm and renewed, and bestowed with a youthful radiance

Tip: Apply the moisturiser as quickly as you can post-cleansing / after using your serum, as this helps to lock in moisture.

Neck: Skincare doesn’t end at the chin. Since the skin on the neck is thinner due to having less fatty tissue and fewer oil glands, it’s especially vulnerable to dehydration – leading to sagging, crêpey-ness and wrinkles.

As the temperature plummets, look for a product that not only thoroughly hydrates but stimulates collagen too. BEAUTYLAB’s award-winning, exceptionally moisturising Tripeptide Collagen Neck Cream is formulated with tripeptide and plant collagen, enriched with aspen bark, radish root and sea kelp, and targets the neck, décolleté and jawline areas. It:

  • strengthens the skin and tissue, and delivers instant firmness and lift
  • is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to deliver soothing protection from free radicals
  • leaves the skin smoother, plumper and tighter, with a refined youthful appearance

Hands: Permanently exposed to the elements, the hands are one of the first places to bear the burden of the icy chill, particularly as the skin is thinner in this area. In addition to your usual hand cream during the day, ramp up the skin’s ability to retain moisture by using an overnight treatment such as BEAUTYLAB’s multi-action Tripeptide Collagen Hand Mask. Formulated with collagen tripeptide and enriched with lemon peel concentrate, phospholipids and liquorice, it:

  • deeply penetrates the skin with an intense dose of hydration
  • stimulates collagen synthesis for enhanced plumpness and lift
  • leaves the skin soft, toned, bright and resilient

SPF: Wearing a sunscreen in winter may feel counter-intuitive but protecting the skin against UV damage is crucial. Even though you don’t feel the heat of the sun during the cold season, up to 80% of the sun’s rays can still penetrate the clouds, leading to skin damage and ageing. So, rather than put your SPF products away after summer, keep them out and protect precious skin all-year-round.

During the cold snap, invest in a product with the added benefit of antioxidant protection, such as BEAUTYLAB’s ultra-nourishing, full spectrum Ultra Defence Hydrator SPF50. Combining sunscreens, polysaccharides, peptides, green tea and rosemary, it offers invisible, long-lasting protection from the damage of UV rays and:

  • strengthens and repairs, and improves elasticity and firmness
  • shields the skin from free radicals, soothes irritations and reinforces the skin’s defences
  • leaves the complexion instantly hydrated, soft, calm and protected

Tip: Research suggests that light emitted from phone and computer screens can stimulate pigment cells, so commit to layering up with SPF on a daily basis.

And finally… 

  • Eat and drink to keep skin hydrated… plenty of water and foods rich in fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants
  • Avoid overly hot and long showers or baths as they can remove natural oils and dry out/irritate the skin
  • Apply body moisturisers straight after drying off from showering/bathing, to lock in moisture
  • Use a cool air humidifier to ensure the home/office/bedroom doesn’t get too dry
  • Keep heating at a moderate/low level to avoid further dryness in the air


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